InSure Vision's SurePath product to integrate with AMS Sagitta


Nashville, TN – April 30, 2001 – InSure Vision Technologies (IVT), developers of the SurePath Network (a web-based bond processing service for agencies, their clients, underwriters and obligees), and AMS Services, a leading developer of agency management systems, announced the integration of the SurePath Network with Sagitta Browser. The integration is being demonstrated at the 2001 AMS Users’ Group conference with expected  delivery of the product by late second quarter.


The Sagitta integration is expected to provide considerable savings of time and money for SurePath users.  After processing bonds in SurePath, a user can pull the transactions into a Sagitta Browser database.  The agent can then use Sagitta Browser’s interface to invoice the bonds, without any duplication of data entry.


“IVT has made it a goal to provide clients with a complete solution, which includes open standards for sharing data between organizations and their diverse systems.  In less than one year we've partnered with clients, as well as Surety Companies and policy management systems to make data exchange a reality.  The Sagitta integration with SurePath is just one more in a series of successes that are proof of our devotion to making technology work for our clients," said Beverly Hall, Chief Financial Officer of IVT.   "We're very pleased with this achievement, which we believe greatly enhances both systems."


The two companies worked in collaboration to develop an integration solution between their products.  The integration is based on XML, an open industry standard for exchanging data between companies.  IVT provided AMS with the SurePath Software Development Kit, which allowed AMS to design a procedure to import data from SurePath into the Sagitta Browser database.  The SurePath Software Development Kit, which includes documentation, software, samples and technical support for integrating other software applications with SurePath, is provided free of charge to enterprise-level clients and their strategic partners.


Ed Olsen, senior vice president, AMS Services, also commented. "One of the strengths of Sagitta is its ability to be customized, making it an ideal product to integrate with InSure Vision’s products. Integrating the surety bond process is a tremendous time-saving option for our Sagitta Browser clients."


InSure Vision Technologies is the developer of the SurePath Network, a single-entry, multi-use automated surety bond processing system that operates over the Internet. For more information about the SurePath-Sagitta integration or SurePath, visit IVT’s website at or call (818) 781-8733.


AMS Services, Inc. provides software and automation services to insurance agents, brokers, carriers, banks, MGAs and other distributors of insurance and financial services. To learn more about AMS products and services, call 800-444-4813 or visit our website at





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