SurePath Agent Instructions

(Click Here the box below to Download the Agent Registration and Info Package)

1. Register for SurePath eBonding with IVT – Please use the “Agent - eBonding Registration”

2. Process payment for eBonding with IVT. Payment details will arrive after registration form is received. Review our pricing schedule here.

3. Obtain an electronic Digital Signature ( – instructions for Agent are attached.

4. Request participating Sureties to grant Power of Attorney status in SurePath

5. Make sure you are running version 3.6 of SureForm  (Contact us once you have requested your signatures)

6. Logon to SurePath.

7. Issue eBid Bond per client's instructions using a carrier with Power of Attorney in SurePath.

8. Sign eBid Bond with Digital Signature after bond is executed

9. Email the Bond Validation Number (BVN) to contractor/client - copy and paste from Bond Details Page.


South Dakota DOT Contractor Instructions 

(Click the box below to Download Client Registration and Info Package)

1. Register with South Dakota DOT for Bidding and download their Software.

2. Register for SurePath eBonding License with IVT and send payment via Check when the invoice arrives.

3. Request bid bond from SurePath Agent, be sure to include all the names and titles of who will be signing the bond on your request.

4. Receive Bond Verification Number (BVN) from your SurePath Agent via email.

5. Submit BVN to South Dakota DOT eBonding system.

Note:  It is the contractor’s responsibility to be aware of and comply with all Obligee eBidding / eBonding requirements.