InSure Vision Technologies, LLC Releases SurePath 1.3


Sherman Oaks, CA -- July 5, 2000 – InSure Vision Technologies, LLC is pleased to announce the release of the latest version of its automated surety bond processing system, SurePath 1.3.  The upgrades were automatically distributed on Saturday, June 24.

SurePath is the industry’s only true web-based carrier independent surety product. It is a universal solution, working with all sureties and all bond products. The agency can develop bond programs specific to each customer, and SurePath provides the common link. With the release of version 1.3, SurePath now provides access for all four parties involved in the bonding transaction. The agent, bonded party, and the surety may all access a common website where the bonded party’s bond schedule and accompanying detail is available.  If provided with an electronic bond ID and an account, the owner/obligee may also access the system to view information on a specific bond.

SurePath 1.3's new features include an improved Bond Number Loader (that includes on-screen help and allows underwriters to load bond numbers for agents), removal of bond numbers, the availability of audit trails via a hyperlink, and a pre-release of the SurePath Software Development Kit (SDK).  "The SDK is a major milestone for IVT's integration efforts with other systems," notes Mike Byrne, CIO and Systems Architect.  A final release of the Development Kit is set for July. 

"We are pleased with our ability to roll out two upgrades for SurePath in the first half of 2000," states Pam Stocks, President of InSure Vision.  "Such an accomplishment illustrates our consistency and commitment in developing a quality bond processing system."

The enhancements also indicate a new direction for SurePath.  All modifications to the system were made from the server-side and use advanced web page authoring techniques.   This approach should improve performance, allow for smoother installation, and improve the distribution of upgrades to the system.  

Further information about SurePath can be obtained by contacting InSure Vision Technologies at 818-781-8733.

About Insure Vision Technologies

InSure Vision Technologies, LLC is the developer of a single entry, multi-use automated surety bond processing system which operates over the Internet. IVT has extensive experience in the surety industry, insurance corporate finance and the development of insurance related systems.

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