InSure Vision Releases SurePath 1.4

Sherman Oaks, CA – November 7, 2000 – InSure Vision Technologies today announced the release of its newest version of SurePath, version 1.4.  The release marks the third upgrade in the last eight months for the web-based bond processing system.

SurePath 1.4 allows clients, agents, and underwriters to update multiple percentages of completion directly from the bond list.  This allows SurePath users to more quickly and more efficiently update that information, without having to open up the details for each bond that they want to change.

“The upgrade was a feature we were working on for SurePath 2.0, our next major release,” said Michael Byrne, Executive Vice President and Systems Architect of InSure Vision.  “Several of our users, however, had requested an easier way to update percentages of completion.  So, based upon its popularity, we decided to integrate this feature into SurePath a little early.”

The modification to SurePath was made from the server-side and users were not required to install additional components.  The upgrade was seamlessly made across all users of the SurePath Network.  This marks the third time in a row that IVT has released an upgrade in this manner.  All upgrades are included as part of the licensing fee, so there is no additional charge to users for this improved functionality.

As the industry’s only true web-based carrier-independent surety product, the SurePath Network allows insurance agents, underwriters, and clients to more effectively process surety bonds, while sharing information across the Internet.  It is a universal solution, working with all sureties and all bond products. The agency can develop bond programs specific to each customer, and SurePath provides the common link.

More information on SurePath can be obtained from InSure Vision Technologies by calling them at (818) 781-8733 or emailing them at info@insurevision.comInSure Vision is on the web at

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InSure Vision Technologies, LLC is the developer of SurePath, a single entry, multi-use automated surety bond processing system which operates over the Internet.  IVT has extensive experience in the surety industry, insurance corporate finance and the development of insurance related systems.


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