SurePath 3.0 now offers surety bond professionals the most comprehensive tools for processing and managing both paper-based and electronic surety bonds.

Sherman Oaks, CA - December 17, 2001 - Today InSure Vision Technologies (IVT) announced the availability of SurePath 3.0, its flagship product for processing and managing both paper-based and electronic surety bonds. Pam Stocks, InSure Vision Technologies President said “SurePath 3.0 contains many enhancements to further streamline the processing and management of surety bonds. The new support for electronic signatures and digital certificates makes SurePath 3.0 the hands down industry leader in the area of surety bond processing. We believe that our industry needs an evolutionary solution that seamlessly manages both paper-based bonds as well as electronic bonds. The SurePath Network continues to increase rapidly as new agents are added nationwide. We remain committed to providing SurePath users with the most efficient and innovative system available”

SurePath is the only independent product on the market that provides customers with a comprehensive library of over 1,600 pre-scanned surety bonds. IVT adds additional bond forms to the bond form library upon request. This allows Surety Bond Agents to focus on working with customers instead of scanning and creating forms. SureForm, IVT's forms management engine, has also been upgraded to provide users with more flexibility in personalizing bond forms. For example, users can now add personal notations to forms and insert digital seals. SureForm also supports digital signatures and digital certificates. This enables agents and their clients to electronically sign bond forms using an electronic pen. If anyone tampers with the digitally signed document, the signatures are automatically invalidated. IVT is partnering with Topaz Systems, Inc.© to make the electronic pen tablets available to agents at a competitive price. Agents can also attach digital certificates to a bond form which can be independently verified by companies such as Verisign ©.

Since SurePath is an Internet based product, agents can give their clients and client obligees seamless access to their bond information. For example, clients can request bonds on line which the agent can process without re-keying the information. SurePath 3.0 can now help agents and clients manage bid bonds as well as track bid results. This means that agents can now track and manage customer bonds from the inception of a project to its completion.

InSure Vision Technologies is the developer of the SurePath Network, a single-entry, multi-use automated surety bond processing system that operates over the Internet. More information on SurePath and SureForm is available on the InSure Vision Technologies site at

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