InSure Vision Technologies announces the release of SurePath v6.2 for Surety Bond Processing

We are pleased to announce that Custom Fields are now available! If you need to collect and report on data that is in addition to our standard data set and are using creative workarounds such as the Comments field then look no further. Custom Fields will solve your problem. With the Custom Fields module you can now create agency and/or client user-defined fields. Some of the features of this module include:

  • Custom fields are on the SurePath Request page to be entered by your client.
  • Custom field data can also be collected or modified in bond execution, edit and bond renewal.
  • Custom fields display on the request and execution subscription email.
  • Custom fields display on the Bond Details page. Additionally you can configure the Bond Details Print View to exclude or include custom fields.
  • Custom fields can be added as a report column in the Bond List Report Writer.
  • There is an additional per site licensing fee for this module.

Other enhancements and changes included in version 6.2 are:

  • New Bond Cover Letter: There is a new item in the Options section of the Basic Information page (in bond execution) for a new bond cover letter. If checked SurePath will generate a new bond cover letter in Word. Additionally you can generate the cover letter when editing the bond form, using the blue Edit button, and using the Bond Cover Letter hyperlink under Processing Options.
  • Client SureForm Installation: The client user Start Page now includes links for installing SureForm and SureForm updates.
  • Manage Outstanding Liability: A hyperlink to the Manage Outstanding Liability screen has been added to the post-commit Edit summary screen so that immediately after editing your bond or contract amount you can go to this screen and adjust your total and/or outstanding liability.
  • Document Storage
  • Electronic Power of Attorney
  • Electronic Bonding - Bid Express, MD DGS, PA Turnpike Authority
  • Custom fields can be added to the Excel export version of the Transaction Report.


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